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Russian women’s sabre fencing team wins gold medals at Rio Olympics

In the final, the Russians defeated Ukraine’s team (45:30). The US team won bronze medals

RIO DE JANEIRO, August 14. /TASS/. Russian sabre fencers Sofya Velikaya, Yana Egorian, Yulia Gavrilova and Yekaterina Dyachenko have won gold medals in the team event at the Rio Olympic Games.

In the final, the Russians defeated Ukraine’s team (45:30). The US team won bronze medals.

No political implications

The President of the the President of the Russian Fencing Federation (RFF) has told TASS, that there were no political implications in the final competitions between the Russian and Ukrainian women’s sabre fencing teams.

"I’d like to note that we were confronted by a very serious rival," Mikhailov said. "There were no political implications whatsoever during this final. There was nothing like this before as well. What is more, I will tell you that members of both teams are on friendly terms with each other, even though someone may not like this. When I see leader of Ukraine’s team Kharlan, I personally am always happy, she is a wonderful athlete."

Egorian earlier won gold in the individual sabre event, while Velikaya earned silver for the second time in her career. Russia’s women’s team are 2015 world champions in the team event.

That was the Russian national squad’s 23rd medal at the Rio Olympic Games. Russia’s team ranks sixth in the unofficial overall team’s medal standings, with six gold, nine silver and eight bronze medals.

The Russian national team won seven medals in fencing at the Rio Olympics - four gold, one silver and two bronze. The women’s sabre fencing team tournament was held for the second time. The Ukrainian team was the winner in 2008, while Russians finished fifth.

The fencing competitions at 2016 Rio Games will end on August 14.