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Dnipro FC on verge of UEFA’s one-season suspension — Ukrainian football official

The reason for the possible suspension is behind the Ukrainian club’s failure to repay wage arrears to its former Spanish Head Coach Juande Ramos and his assistants

MOSCOW, March 16. /TASS/. Ukraine’s famous football club Dnipro seriously risks a one-season suspension in the next three years from all UEFA-authorized tournaments, Artyom Frankov, a senior executive with the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU), told TASS on Wednesday.

The reason for the possible suspension on behalf of the European governing body of football is behind the Ukrainian club’s failure to repay wage arrears to its former Spanish Head Coach Juande Ramos and his assistants.

"There are still no official documents from UEFA requiring Dnipro’s suspension from European tournaments," Frankov, a member of the FFU Executive Committee, said in an interview with TASS. "Meanwhile, Dnipro has not yet repaid wage arrears to the team of Spanish managers, who used to work in the club."

"I have recently spoken to some people from the club," he said. "According to my information, the club has no intentions of resolving the issue peacefully. The current situation is very explosive."

Spanish manager Ramos held the post of Dnipro’s head coach between 2010 and 2014 bringing the club back to its previously best results of vice champions’ title last held in the season of 1992-1993 and helping the team to qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

Frankov said he believed that UEFA is taking time over its decision giving the football club the time to repay the debt to the Spanish managers and the Ukrainian club still had possibilities of playing in the European tournaments.

"Of course there is still hope for the positive outcome," he said. "As far as I remember, the issue at the moment is about repaying the debt partly and not the whole sum, but this part is obligatory. Dnipro was obliged to repay this part of the debt before January 31."

"It turns out that UEFA keeps silent for more than a month and a half," Frankov said. "I can only attribute this pause [of silence] to UEFA’s respect toward Dnipro, who was the finalist of the Europa League. The [European] organization does not play a role of a punitive body in this case, but on the contrary, gives Dnipro a chance to change its mind and repay the wage arrears."