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Avant-garde on ice: World Hockey Championship 2023 logo unveiled

The World Hockey Championship will take place in St. Petersburg May 5-21, 2023

ST.PETERSBURG, September 22. / TASS /. The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) unveiled the logo for the 2023 World Ice Hockey Championship, which will be held in Russia, on Wednesday. The ceremony was attended by IIHF President Rene Fasel, who will step down on September 25. The President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation (FHR) Vladislav Tretyak, the first vice-president of the FHR and the head of the Russian national team Roman Rotenberg, the FHR special representative for international affairs Pavel Bure and the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Boris Piotrovsky were also at the presentation.

"It is a great honor to host the World Championship in our truly hockey country. This isn't just a sports event, it is a cultural celebration, an event that will leave a legacy to our country and our sport. It is an honor that the International Ice Hockey Federation decided to host the tournament in our country!"

"I'm confident that our country will do all that it can to make this world championship memorable," Bure said.

The logo was inspired by the 1931 painting by Kazimir Malevich titled "Sportsmen" and bares resemblance to the suprematism style.

"We used the image from the Malevich painting. He was born in St. Petersburg, his name is well-known internationally. It is very important to present the logo, I think that everyone liked it" Tretyak said.

"This isn't our first championship here and we have already used bears and similar Russian symbols. So, we decided to go back the human. We have a picture of a hockey player who is ready to fight for the world championship with his weapon," Tretyak added.

Rotenberg noted the designer's excellent work who, in his opinion, managed to reflect in the logo not only the Russian avant-garde, but the personality and entire culture of the country. "Of course, there were a lot of options. It's not that easy to put all of our avant-garde, all of our Russian personality into one logo. However, the designers did a very professional job," he said.

The World Hockey Championship will take place in St. Petersburg May 5-21, 2023.