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Russian athletes’ performance at Tokyo Olympics was ‘worthy’, Putin says

Russian President noted that he plans to meet with the Tokyo medalists shortly

MOSCOW, September 10. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin called Russian athletes’ performance at the Tokyo Olympics ‘worthy.

"I once again congratulate the Russian Olympic and Paralympic national teams, all athletes and specialists on a worthy performance," the President said, opening a meeting of the Council on physical education and sports Friday.

He noted that he plans to meet with the Tokyo medalists shortly.

"I would be pleased to congratulate them and thank them in person," he said.

Putin also said he plans to discuss the outcome of the Tokyo games and talk about the development of youth sports at the Council meeting.

"These topics are related: the path to the big, Olympic sport begins in childhood, and the achievements of outstanding athletes serve as an example, they largely define the choice of young people, the youth in favor of a healthy, active lifestyle. I am certain the achievements of our athletes in Tokyo would bear their fruit as well," the head of state underscored.