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Russia’s Lavrov calls to review entire anti-doping system in sports

According to the Foreign Minister, Russia continues to fight for the principle of equal treatment of athletes from all countries

YEKATERINBURG, September 2. /TASS/. The system of anti-doping rules requires some serious review, as it is currently privatized by the West, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during a meeting with the sports community on Thursday.

According to Lavrov, Russia continues to fight for the principle of equal treatment of athletes from all countries.

"Cases in which asthma patients actively exploit therapeutic exclusions from the anti-doping rules have long become common knowledge, nobody doubts that anymore," Lavrov said.

"We must look into the entire system of combating doping in sports. It is effectively privatized by the West at the moment," he underscored.

The Minister noted that, out of 14 WADA Executive Committee members, about 12 are NATO countries plus Australia and Japan.

"Such a tilt towards global powers that represent the absolute minority of the population of the planet is wrong. Especially considering that sport is on the rise in developing countries, in China, and in Russia," Lavrov added.

The top diplomat noted that, after the sanctions against the Russian Olympic Committee expire, "the desire to discredit Russian athletes and to privatize international mechanisms to that extent will not go anywhere."

"We must fight it and bring everyone who tries to do such things to an open, transparent discussion with the participation of the sports movement of all states so that athletes themselves could participate in it," Lavrov underscored. "I am certain that the vast majority of Western athletes are not too happy that their competitiveness is being artificially raised via such unscrupulous methods."