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Russian race walker Mizinov disqualified in 2020 Olympics men’s 20km event

The athlete has been disqualified for violating regulations of the competition

TOKYO, August 5. /TASS/. Russian track and field athlete Vasily Mizinov has been disqualified during the men’s 20-kilometer race walk event at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo for violating regulations of the competition.

During the race, Mizinov received three warnings from judges technique violation and served a two-minute penalty in a designated area. Following the fourth warning, Mizinov was disqualified from the race.

Mizinov, 23, is the 2019 World Championship’s silver medal winner and the bronze medal winner of the 2018 European Championship.

The 2020 Olympics men’s race walk 20km competition was won by Italy’s Massimo Stano (1 hour 21.05 seconds). The silver and bronze went to Japanese race walkers Koki Ikeda and Toshikazu Yamanishi respectively.

Speaking to journalists after the race, Mizinov said he had no intentions of lodging an appeal against the judges’ decision, hinting that it was his own fault.

"I just don’t know how to comment on what happened with me and perhaps standers-by see more," the Russian athlete told journalists. "I have been disqualified only twice in my sports career and it happened at one of the Russian championships and at a youth European championship. It was unexpected to receive two warnings at the same time with only one kilometer of the distance covered."

"However, I must say that I bear the personal responsibility for what had happened and there is no sense at all for me to appeal the decision of judges," he continued. "I will not be saying that the judges are to blame for everything."

"I was personally ready for the fight and followed the tactics of remaining in the lead group, but something went wrong," Mizinov added.

As of today, the Russian national team of athletes in Tokyo — participating as Team ROC (the Russian Olympic Committee) due to international sanctions against Russian sports — boasts 16 gold, 22 silver and 20 bronze medals. Team ROC is currently 5th in the overall medal count.

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Japan’s capital of Tokyo are being held this year between July 23 and August 8. In March 2020, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to postpone the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Japan for one year due to the spread of COVID-19.

Russia at Tokyo-2020

On July 6, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) published an approved list of 335 athletes, who were selected to represent the country at the Summer Olympic Games. The Olympic delegation of Russian athletes in Tokyo includes 185 female and 150 male athletes.

Russian athletes are competing in Tokyo under the flag and logo of the Russian National Olympic Committee (ROC) instead of the Russian national flag and state emblem. The national anthem of Russia is also under sanctions at the Olympics in Japan.

Sanctions against Russian sports

On December 17, 2020, the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland’s Lausanne partially upheld WADA’s (the World Anti-Doping Agency) previous ruling on a number of sanctions against Russian sports.

Following the CAS decision, Russian athletes were deprived of their right to participate in all World Championships, Olympic and Paralympic Games under the national flag of Russia for a two-year period.

The ruling of the Swiss-based court also stripped Russia of the right to bid for the organization of all international sports tournaments for a period of two years. WADA’s sanctions will be in force until December 2022.