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Belarus’ Timanovskaya promises to tell about her future plans via lawyer — TV

She told she is in a safe place

TOKYO, August 1. /TASS/. Belarusian track and field athlete Kristina Timanovskaya, who was to be sent back home from the Olympic Games under a decision of the Belarusian national team’s coaches, said on Sunday she will tell about her future plans via her attorney.

"Now I am in a safe place. I will tell about my future plans tomorrow morning via a lawyer," she told TV Asahi.

She did not say however whether she has left the police station at Tokyo’s Haneda airport or not. A TASS correspondent reported from the site that journalists are still flocking in front of the police station waiting for Timanovskaya to appear.

Earlier, Tomoko Kuraki, an n attorney of the Japan Lawyers' Network for Refugees, arrived at the airport. She told TASS she had not been contacted by Timanovskaya and had arrived at the airport on her own initiative. However, she was not let inside the police station.

Belarus’ National Olympic Committee (NOC) said earlier on Sunday that the coaches of the national track and field team had decided to send Timanovskaya back home because of her psychological condition. She was supposed to take part in the 100m and 200m race events. Two Belarusian female runners were suspended from a 4x400 relay race due to insufficient number of doping samples and the coaches took a decision to engage Timanovskaya, who criticized the decision in social networks.

Earlier, Belarus’ opposition Sports Solidarity Fund said that Timanovskaya was allegedly forced to leave Tokyo because of her critical remarks in respect of the national track and field athletics coaches.

She told Euroradio she wants to seek asylum in Europe. Apart from that, she asked help from the International Olympic Committee via social networks. She claimed she was subject to pressure to leave Japan without her consent.

According to earlier reports, Timanovskaya was to take a Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul. However, Turkish Airlines told TASS that no passengers under that name had checked-in for the flight. Meanwhile, the plane took off as scheduled, a Haneda airport spokesperson told TASS. According to the Tokyo Sport newspaper, Timanovskaya plans to seek asylum in Austria.