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UEFA approves Ukraine’s Euro 2020 uniform

The kit includes an outline of Ukraine, which pictures the uncontrolled territories in Donbass and Russia’s Crimea

MOSCOW, June 7. /TASS/. UEFA has approved the uniform for the Ukrainian national team to compete in the upcoming European Football Championship which will feature slogans of Ukrainian nationalists, ‘Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!’, the UEFA press service told TASS in a statement.

The kit also includes an outline of Ukraine, which includes the uncontrolled territories in Donbass and Russia’s Crimea.

"The shirt of the Ukrainian national team (and of all other teams) for UEFA EURO 2020 has been approved by UEFA, in accordance with the applicable equipment regulations," the statement reads.

The UEFA Euro 2020 will be held between June 11 and July 11 in 11 cities across the continent. Ukraine was drawn into Group C with the Netherlands, North Macedonia and Austria. The Ukrainian team can possibly play in St. Petersburg in a quarterfinal match if they reach this stage and satisfy several other criteria.

The slogan ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ and response to it ‘Glory to the heroes!’ in spring 1941 was adopted as a welcome salute in the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA, outlawed in Russia) which were actively collaborating with Nazi Germany. On October 11, 2018, then Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko introduced changes to the national armed forces’ code, particularly introducing this salute.

After the coup d’etat in Ukraine in February 2014, Crimea and Sevastopol held a referendum, in which 96.7% of Crimeans and 95.6% of Sevastopol voters chose to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the reunification deal on March 18, 2014, which the Federation Council (upper house of the Russian parliament) ratified on March 21, 2014. Despite the convincing results of the referendum, Kiev refused to recognize Crimea as part of Russia.