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Russian swimmers snatch gold in men's 4x100 relay event at 2021 European Championship

The winning quartet consisted of Andrei Minakov, Alexander Schyogolev, Vladislav Grinev and Kliment Kolesnikov
Kliment Kolesnikov EPA-EFE/Tamas Kovacs
Kliment Kolesnikov
© EPA-EFE/Tamas Kovacs

MOSCOW, May 17. /TASS/. Russian swimmers snatched gold on Monday in the 4x100-meter men's freestyle relay event at the 2021 European Aquatics Championships, taking place in the Hungarian capital of Budapest between May 10 and 23.

The winning quartet of the Russian swimmers in the final of the 4x100 competition at the 2021 European Aquatics Championships consisted of Andrei Minakov, Alexander Schyogolev, Vladislav Grinev and Kliment Kolesnikov. The Russian quartet set the European record of 3 minutes 10.41 seconds.

The silver went to Great Britain’s Thomas Dean, Matthew Richards, James Guy and Duncan Scott, who clocked an aggregate result of 3 minutes and 11.56 seconds, while the Italian squad of Alessandro Miressi, Lorenzo Zazzeri, Thomas Ceccon and Manuel Frigo packed the bronze with the result of 3 minutes 11.87 seconds.

The 2021 European Aquatics Championships event in Budapest consists of competitions in four disciplines, namely Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Artistic Swimming and Diving. The Open Water Swimming competitions are being held at Lupa Lake, Hungary, while the rest of the events are being hosted by the Danube Arena.

The Russian national team currently leads the overall medals standings of the 2021 European Aquatics Championships with 13 gold, four silver and five bronze medals. Italy is in second place with fife gold, fife silver and seven bronze medals, while Ukraine closes out the top three taking home five gold, four silver and two bronze medals.

The championship in Budapest was initially scheduled to run in 2020 between May 11 and 24, but was postponed due to the global spread of the novel coronavirus.