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Russian freediver Alexey Molchanov sets new Guinness record for diving under ice

The record is dedicated to the premiere of "One Breath" movie that tells the story of a legendary female freediver

MOSCOW, February 25. /TASS/. World champion Alexey Molchanov who holds 18 world records and serves as the chairman of the Russian Freediving Federation, has set the new Guinness Record for freediving under ice, making 180 meters in a quarry in Moscow Region.

The record is dedicated to the premiere of "One Breath" movie that tells the story of a legendary female freediver, the movie's press service said.

"A Guiness record on freediving under ice was set in Schyolkovo District of Moscow Region. Alexey Molchanov, a 14-times World Champion, holder of 18 World Records, […] swam 180 meters under the ice of Ameriyev dolomite quarry using a monofin, beating the last record set by Arthur Guerin-Boeri, who swam 175 meters in 2017," the press service told TASS.

The record was officially registered by (International Association for the Development of Apnea) arbiter Viktor Frantzov, and the processing of the record would take some time.

According to the record organizers, most freedivers train using the system developed by the legendary "freediving queen" Natalia Molchanova. According to that system, the most important things are total de-concentration of attention and relaxation, which is particularly difficult in ice-cold water.

"I know how few athletes stay in this discipline, that’s why it was particularly interesting for me to try myself here, on this new territory, find unusual approaches to training, augment the international Molchanova training system with interesting innovative methods," Molchanov said.

He also said that the "One Breath" movie directed by Yelena Khazanova and starring Viktoria Isakova would premiere on March 5.

"One Breath" is the first Russian feature movie filmed in the open sea at the depth of 100 meters. The movie is based on real events and tells a story of legendary Natalia Molchanova who disappeared during her dive in 2015. Alexey Molchanov acted as the movie’s official consultant on freediving techniques, training, equipment and competition specifics.

About Natalia Molchanova

Natalia Molchanova was the founder and the first president of the Russian Freediving Federation, the first female freediver to reach the 101 meter depth, the first one to hold her breath for 9 minutes. She was the world freediving champion 22 times in all branches of this sport. She set 42 world records and she was the only woman to beat the Red Sea’s Blue Hole arch, which reportedly claimed lives of more than 100 divers, becoming a true legend in the global diving community.