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Russia tops 2020 European Wrestling Championships medal table

The Russians won nine gold, six silver and seven bronze medals

TASS, February 16. Russian wrestlers’ successful 2020 European Wrestling Championships performance earned them a spot atop the overall medal standings with 21 medals. Rome hosted the championships.

The Russians won nine gold, six silver and seven bronze medals followed by Bulgaria (3-2-1), while Belarus came third (3-1-4).

Gold medalists among Russian wrestlers are Azamat Tuskaev (men’s freestyle 57 kg), Aleksandr Bogomoev (men’s freestyle 61 kg), Kurban Shiraev (men’s freestyle 65 kg), Artur Naifonov (men’s freestyle 86 kg), Abdulrashid Sadulaev (men’s freestyle 97 kg), Olga Khoroshavtseva (women’s freestyle 55 kg), Khanum Velieva (women’s freestyle 68 kg), Natalia Vorobieva (women’s freestyle 72 kg) and Ekaterina Bukina (women’s freestyle 76 kg).

Silver medals were won by Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov (men’s freestyle 74 kg), Magomed Ramazanov (men’s freestyle 79 kg), Vitalii Kabaloev (men’s Greco-Roman 55 kg), Ibragim Labazanov (men’s Greco-Roman 63 kg), Nazir Abdullaev (men’s Greco-Roman 67 kg) and Inna Trazhukova (women’s freestyle 62 kg).

Russian bronze medalists are Baldan Tsyzhipov (men’s freestyle 125 kg), Aleksandr Komarov (men’s Greco-Roman 87 kg), Aleksandr Golovin (men’s Greco-Roman 97 kg), Milana Dadasheva (women’s freestyle 50 kg), Stalvira Orshush (women’s freestyle 53 kg), Lyubov Ovcharova (women’s freestyle 59 kg) and Maria Kuznetsova (women’s freestyle 65 kg).

The 2020 European Wrestling Championships took place on February 10-16.