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Russian football club Krasnodar cancels friendly match with China’s Wuhan Zall

The friendly was initially scheduled to be held on February 10 during the Russian club’s training session in Spain’s Marbella

MOSCOW, January 27. /TASS/. Russian football club Krasnodar has cancelled its friendly match against China’s Wuhan Zall FC due next month over the outbreak of the newly-discovered coronavirus in China, the press service of the Russian club announced on Monday.

The friendly match between Krasnodar, which plays in the Russian Premier League (RPL), and Wuhan Zall, which plays in the Chinese Super League, was initially scheduled to be held on February 10 during the Russian club’s training session in Spain’s Marbella.

Since the Chinese club was yanked from the schedule, Krasnodar FC will play three friendly matches during its training session next month, namely against Sweden’s Malmo FC (on February 2), Czech FC Viktoria Plzen and Norwegian FC Mjondalen (both friendlies are due on February 7).

Asked to comment on the situation, the press service of Krasnodar FC announced to TASS that the club was currently in work on introducing adjustments to the training camp’s schedule.

"The schedule of the training camp was approved a long time ago and now we work on the adjustments," a spokesman for the press service stated.

On December 31, 2019, Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization (WHO) about an outbreak of an unknown pneumonia in the city of Wuhan, a large trade and industrial center in central China populated by 11 million people. On January 7, 2020, Chinese experts identified the infecting agent as coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

Currently, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in China has exceeded 2,700 with 80 deaths reported. This new strain of coronavirus has already been identified in almost all Chinese provinces including Beijing and Shanghai as well as in other countries such as Australia, Malaysia, Nepal, France, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, the United States and Japan. The World Health Organization recognized the pneumonia outbreak in China as a national emergency but stopped short of declaring it an international one.

The main symptoms of the new coronavirus is a fever, fatigue, and a slightly wet cough. Later, the patients may develop shortness of breath. According to lab tests, during the early stage of the virus, patients had normal or low leukocyte levels, and a reduced lymphocyte level. Other patients displayed elevated liver and muscle enzyme levels.