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At least 5,000 athletes from 15 countries take part in beach marathon in Haikou

The marathon's organizers gave athletes an opportunity to compete in unusual categories

HAIKOU, December 6. /TASS/. More than 5,000 guests from 15 countries participated in 7th International Beach Marathon in Haikou, reported. The marathon took place on November 30.

Ethiopia's Eric Rotoik Kiboy who ran 10.5 km in 37 minutes and 36 seconds took first place in the men's distance category. In addition, athletes from Kenya and China were also among the winners.

Likewise, Ethiopia's Deyen Tegeniu Ashumar became came in first in the women’s category clocked at 42 minutes 13 seconds for 10.5 km. Trailing behind her were other runners from Ethiopia and Kenya.

The marathon's organizers provided all athletes with an opportunity to compete in unusual categories like "running in a bikini", a "couples run", "running in a wedding dress", "running in a comic hero's costume" and a "family run".

According to the organizers, such contests for sports lovers enabled the marathon to roll out a unique feature enabling it to have a special place among other sports competitions in China.