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29 Russian athletes to compete as neutrals at 2019 World Athletics Championships

The competition is due in Doha on September 27-October 6

MOSCOW, September 17. /TASS/. Twenty-nine Russian athletes competing as authorized neutral athletes (ANA) have been included in the final entry list for the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha, the press service of the All-Russia Athletic Federation (RusAF) reports.

The championships is scheduled to begin on September 27 and will feature the following Russian athletes: Maria Lasitskene (high jump), Mikhail Akimenko (high jump), Ilya Ivanyuk (high jump), Anzhelika Sidorova (pole vault), Irina Ivanova (pole vault), Alayna Lutkovskaya (pole vault), Darya Klishina (long jump), Yelena Sokolova (long jump), Dmitry Sorokin (triple jump), Alexei Fedorov (triple jump), Maxim Afonin (shot put), Alexander Lesnoy (shot put), Denis Lukyanov (hammer throw), Yevgeny Korotovsky (hammer throw), Yelizaveta Tsareva (hammer throw), Sofia Palkina (hammer throw), Alexei Khudyakov (discus throw), Ilya Shkurenev (decathlon), Yana Smerdova (20 km race walking), Vasiliy Mizinov (20 km race walking), Sardana Trofimova (marathon), Fyodor Shutov (marathon), Polina Miller (400 m running), Ksenia Aksenova (400 m running), Vera Rudakova (400 m hurdles), Valeria Andreeva (400 m hurdles), Anna Tropina (3,000 m hurdles), Yekaterina Ivonina (3,000 m hurdles) as well as Sergei Shubenkov (110 m hurdles).

Yuri Borzakovsky, the head coach of the Russian national athletics team, refused to predict the number of medals the Russian athletes can win at the championships. "I wouldn’t like to make any medal predictions now, all the guys are now reaching the top of their forms and are ready to post great results," he noted. "One part of the team will arrive in Qatar on September 25."

September 17 was the cutoff date to send applications to patriciate in the championships in Doha scheduled to be held between September 27 and October 6.

Russian athletes are currently only able to compete as neutrals at competitions and tournaments organized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) such as World Championships, European Championships, Diamond League and World Challenge series due to sanctions imposed on the RusAF in November 2015. However, Russia can fly its national flag at events organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the European Olympic Committees (EOC) (Olympics, Youth Olympic Games, European Games, European Youth Olympic Festivals) but only upon an agreement with the IAAF. At the latest 2017 World Championships in London nineteen athletes from Russia were cleared to compete, taking home six medals (one gold and five silver medals).