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IAAF denies neutral-status permits for Russian athletes Chicherova, Krivoshapka

Sixteen other Russian athletes got a denial on Tuesday
Anna Chicherova Yegor Aleyev/TASS
Anna Chicherova
© Yegor Aleyev/TASS

MOSCOW, September 10. /TASS/. The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has denied a neutral-status permit for Russian 2012 Olympic champion in women’s high jump Anna Chicherova and 2013 world champion in women’s 4x400m relay running Antonina Krivoshapka, the press office of the All-Russia Athletics Federation (RusAF) announced on Tuesday.

Neutral status applications from 16 more Russian track and field athletes were also rejected by the world’s governing athletics body on Tuesday in addition to Chicherova and Krivoshapka’s applications.

Among the 16 athletes with denied permits is the 2012 Olympic champion in women’s 20 km race walk Yelena Lashmanova.

The Russian athletes, who have been denied the neutral status, will not participate in the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships in Qatar’s Doha between September 27 and October 6.

The IAAF announced in a statement earlier in the day that it granted its approval to 11 more Russian track and field athletes allowing them to participate under the neutral status at international tournaments this year.

"A total of 128 Russian athletes have so far been declared eligible to compete as authorised neutral athletes in 2019," the IAAF said in a statement. "58 applications have so far been rejected and one neutral athlete status has been revoked.

The All-Russia Athletics Federation (RusAF) started accepting neutral status applications from national track and field athletes on December 19, 2018.

According to the IAAF regulations, the global athletics body has the right to disregard individual applications unaccompanied by an official document from the RusAF with all the necessary information, which the federation has in regard to a particular applicant. The document must also state whether the RusAF confirms that an applicant is in compliance with all requirements and whether it grants its own approval.

The IAAF suspended RusAF’s membership in November 2015, following a wave of anti-doping rules violations and formed a special mission on the issue. The IAAF Taskforce Group, led by Norwegian expert Rune Andersen, was set up to oversee Russia’s implementation of requirements for RusAF’s membership reinstatement with the IAAF.

The IAAF, however, permitted clean athletes from Russia to participate in international tournaments under the neutral status or the Authorized Neutral Athlete (ANA) until the membership of the RusAF was reinstated. The ANA status means that Russian track and field athletes are prohibited to compete under the national flag at the international tournaments.