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Over 2,000 tourists to Hainan join effort to popularize speedwalking

Authorities expect fitness industry to exceed $2.8 bln by 2025

HAIKOU, August 13. /TASS/. More than 2,000 took part in a one time fitness initiative to popularize speedwalking in the Lingshui County on Hainan's southern coast, news portal reported. 

The event marked China's 70th anniversary and the national Fitness Day, held in the country since 2009. The event meant to promote a healthy way of life on the island as well as the creation of a popular zone for soprts on Hainan. 

"Speedwalking is one of the promising areas of fitness, a world-famous form of physical activity in aerobics. It has a positive effect not only on health, but on the environment as well," said Chen Shihong, head of the local department for tourism, culture and sports.

According to the official, recreational walking in Linsghui is especially popular, since the routes stretch along the most beautiful areas of the island. "Speedwalking should promote active fitness and serve as an incentive for a healthy lifestyle for all residents of our country," said Chen Shihong. 

International fitness island 

As the deputy head of the department, Feng Jin, explained, the authorities of the autonomous county aim for speedwalking to become a symbol of  Lingshui and contribute to the fame of its natural landscapes. According to her, due to this, the region will attract more and more tourists, boosting consumption, the development of restaurant and hotel business.

To enhance sports, the Hainan administration regularly holds basketball, futsal, chess and kung fu contests. "Thus, we promote a healthy lifestyle, instill good habits in the public, thanks to which people can become more fit and gain strength spiritually," Feng Jin added.

According to the plan of the Chinese authorities, by 2025, Hainan should become a leading region for the development of tourism and sports, a world-famous place for fitness recreation." It is estimated that by this time the volume of the fitness industry and related services on the island will exceed 20 billion yuan (more than $ 2.8 billion).