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Russia ranks second in overall medal standing at Universiade in Naples with 82 medals

Russia shares the first place with Japan in terms of the overall number of medals won

TASS, July 14. Russia’s national team has made it to the second place in the overall medal standing at the Summer Universiade in Italy’s Naples, with 82 medals, including 22 gold, 24 silver and 36 bronze ones.

One set of medals was contested on Sunday, the last day of competitions. Russian water polo players lost to Hungary in the bronze medals game.

Most of Russia’s medals - 18 - were grabbed by swimmers (six gold, six silver and six bronze). Thirteen medals (one gold, six silver and six bronze ones) went to Russian artistic gymnasts. The rhythmic gymnastics team won eight medals (seven gold and one bronze), and ten medals (three gold, two silver and five bronze) were won by Russian judokas.

Six medals were won by Russian divers (two silver and four bronze) and fencers (one gold, four silver and one bronze). Russian archers won four medals (two gold and two silver). Two bronze medals were grabbed in shooting competitions. Russian tennis players grabbed four medals (one gold, one silver and two bronze), the table tennis team won four bronze medals, and one silver and one bronze medals went to Russia in taekwondo.

Russian women’s volleyball team grabbed gold medals, and men’s team - bronze medals, as did women’s football, water polo and rugby teams.

Russia shares the first place with Japan in terms of the overall number of medals won. Japan has 33 gold, 21 silver and 28 bronze medals and tops the overall medal standing. China is third, with 22 gold, 13 silver and eight medals.

The Univesiade closing ceremony will be held later on Sunday.