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Cape Verdean striker Ze Luis leaves Spartak Moscow FC for Portugal’s FC Porto

The details of the contract have not been disclosed

MOSCOW, July 2. /TASS/. Cape Verdean forward Ze Luis has left Russian football club Spartak Moscow after signing a contract with Portugal’s FC Porto, the press service of the Russian club announced in a statement on Tuesday.

The details of the contract on the transfer of the 28-year-old striker from Spartak to Moscow to Porto have not been disclosed.

"I want to thank everyone for the support, which I enjoyed here, to thank for all moments we lived through together," the statement quoted Ze Luis as saying. "I don’t like saying goodbyes, it is very sad, but I can say that I will remain the fan of Spartak for the rest of my life."

"Keep on fighting and giving your utmost to the club and be victorious," the footballer continued. "I am proud that I played for Spartak and please forgive me if something was wrong. Thank you everyone and good luck!"

Ze Luis played for Spartak Moscow FC since 2015 and booked 35 goals and 25 assists in 109 matches with the Russian football club. Playing for Spartak, Ze Luis is the 2016/2017 Champion of the Russian Premier League and is also the winner of the 2017 Russia Super Cup.

Commenting on the transfer deal of Ze Luis, Spartak FC Director General Tomas Zorn said it was beneficial for the Russian football club.

"We are very happy for Ze Luis and wish the forward good luck in the new club," the club’s press service quoted Zorn as saying in a statement. "As for Spartak, it was a successful deal for us in all aspects as: firstly, we sold the player at a higher price than we purchased him from [Portugal’s FC] Braga."

"Secondly, the forward is moving to one of the largest European clubs and it is a positive factor both for Spartak and the Russian Premier League on the whole," Zorn said. "Thirdly, it was a very important transfer from the view of financial fair play regulations."

Zorn added that "the club will continue its work on the transfer market as we [Spartak] still need to be reinforced by the start of the season.".