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Ukrainian team suddenly packs home from International Student Basketball Cup in Moscow

Spokesman for the Association of Student Basketball Artyom Sadovnikov said the decision was unilateral and the reasons behind it were unknown

MOSCOW, May 29. /TASS/. A basketball team from Ukraine has decided to leave suddenly from the International Student Basketball Cup (ISBC) in Moscow without providing explanations, the Association of Student Basketball (ASB) announced to TASS on Wednesday.

The International Student Basketball Cup began in Moscow on Tuesday and the team from Ukraine was scheduled to play matches against the squads of Serbia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"This was a unilateral decision of the Ukrainian side, as they have been set to play in the tournament, but due to unknown reasons refused later from participating further," Artyom Sadovnikov, a spokesman for the ASB, told TASS. "We neither expelled nor disqualified them, they have been provided with all required conditions, but they extended their apologies and left."

"We received no official explanations from the Ukrainian team and expressed our understanding, however, the organizers encountered difficulties as we had to redraw the schedule of the tournament, while the Ukrainian team was ordered technical defeats," he said.

"A week ago a team from Mongolia also refused to participate in the tournament, but we have found a replacement for them introducing a third team from Russia to the tournament, but we have now no time to do the same in the case with Ukraine," Sadovnikov added.

Ukrainian students’ basketball squad at the tournament in Moscow was represented by Politekhnik team from Kharkov.

"We do not know the reasons yet as we have received a telephone call and were told that we better leave," Politekhnik’s press service announced to TASS. "We have no claims whatsoever in regard to the organizers of the tournament, but this is how it all happened."

The International Student Basketball Cup is held in Moscow for the second time. The participants in the tournament are the teams from Serbia, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Australia, Taiwan, as well as three teams from Russia.