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Verdicts for famous Soviet and Russian athletes

On Wednesday, two Russian football players were found guilty of initiating brawls in the center of Moscow and sentenced to real prison terms
Alexander Kokorin  Maxim Grigoryev/TASS
Alexander Kokorin
© Maxim Grigoryev/TASS

MOSCOW, May 8. /TASS/. On May 8, 2019, Moscow's Presnensky court has found Russian footballers Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev guilty on counts of inflicting bodily harm and hooliganism in brawls in downtown Moscow. Kokorin is sentenced to 18 months in jail, while Mamaev will serve a 17-month jail term. TASS has prepared an overview of the verdicts delivered in the cases involving famous Soviet and Russian athletes.

Starostin brothers

Nikolai (1902-1996), Alexander (1903-1981), Andrey (1906-1987) and Pyotr (1909-1993) Starostin were Soviet footballers and sports officials. The eldest Starostin, Nikolai, was also one of the Spartak sports society founders. All four were arrested by the Soviet People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. In October 1943, they were sentenced to ten years in the gulags for anti-Soviet propaganda, bribery and stealing. In 1945-1950, Nikolai Starostin trained fellow prisoners when serving his time. In the first half of 1950s was exiled in the Kazakh SSR. His younger brothers served their time in full. In 1955, the Starostins’ case was reopened and all four were rehabilitated.

Eduard Streltsov

Eduard Streltsov (1937-1990) was a Soviet football player and Olympic champion in 1956. In May 1958, he was accused of raping a woman he knew. A criminal investigation was launched into the accusations, which was taken under special control by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union as part of the campaign launched against hooligans and rapists in the country. Although the victim soon withdrew her charges, Streltsov was sentenced to 12 years of prison in July 1958. Streltsov was paroled in 1963 and returned to football in 1965.

Yuri Sevidov

Yuri Sevidov (1942-2010) was a Soviet footballer and the gold champion of the USSR in 1962. In September 1965, while driving a car, Sevidov ran over Dmitry Ryabchikov, a chemist and corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Ryabchikov died shortly after the accident in a hospital as a result of a medical mistake. Since Ryabchikov was involved in a confidential missile fuel project, the case turned into a political one. The athlete was sentenced to ten years in prison in the Belarus SSR. In 1969 he was paroled under an amnesty. In 1970, he returned to his sports career.

Rasul Mirzaev

Rasul Mirzaev (born 1986) is a Russian mixed martial artist, world Combat Sambo champion. In August 2011, a disagreement broke out and Mirzaev kicked a 19-year old student in the face. The teenager fell, injured his head and died a few days later in a hospital. Mirzaev was placed in a pretrial detention facility. In November 2012, he was found guilty of negligent manslaughter and sentenced to two years in prison, but released in the court room as he had served the time in the detention facility. Returned to professional sambo in 2013.

Alexander Emelianenko

Alexander Emelianenko (born 1981) is a Russian mixed martial artist, three-time Russian national Combat Sambo champion and three-time world Combat Sambo champion. He was arrested on May 10, 2014 on counts of raping his house cleaner and stealing her passport. In court, Emelianenko pleaded not guilty. In May 2015, he was sentenced to 4.5 years of prison. Emelianenko was paroled in November 2016. The remaining time in prison was substituted with community service with 10% of the salary deducted in favor of the state. In 2017, Alexander Emelianenko returned to professional sport.