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RUSADA, Russian Football Union set to ink cooperation agreement early next month

RUSADA’s chief l Yury Ganus declined to give details about the planned agreement

ST. PETERSBURG, April 25. /TASS/. The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) and the Russian Football Union (RFU) plan signining in May an anti-doping cooperation agreement, RUSADA Director General Yury Ganus told TASS on Thursday.

"We plan to sign an agreement with the RFU in the short term, early next month, and it will be the agreement on anti-doping cooperation," Ganus said. "We are already cooperating and we jointly issued second volume of [anti-doping] handbook."

RUSADA’s chief declined to give details about the planned agreement, however, said that the document "on the whole is a broad and all-embracing agreement on the anti-doping cooperation."

Eduard Bezuglov, the head of the RFU Medical Committee, said in early February that Russia’s governing football body planned introducing changes regarding tournaments’ regulations and these changes would concern introduction of anti-doping courses for all participants of football tournaments.

Ganus also said that RUSADA plans expending cooperation with other Russian sports federations and national championships.

"We have been collecting doping samples for USADA [US Anti-Doping Agency], have carried out over 100 missions for the American anti-doping body, which criticizes the Russian anti-doping system," he said.

"While criticizing the Russian anti-doping system they [USADA] trust RUSADA," Ganus said. "At the moment we are more trusted by our foreign colleagues and I sincerely hope that national championships, national federations and leagues will be more considerate about cooperation with RUSADA."

According to a report on RUSADA’s work in 2017-2018, delivered by Ganus on March 11 at the annual session of the iNADO (Institute of National Anti-Doping Organizations) in Lausanne, the Russian agency initiated 145 cases in 2018 regarding the violations of anti-doping rules.

In 2017, the agency opened 57 cases on the same violations and closed 52 of them. A total of 98 violations by athletes of availability rules were registered in 2017.

The report also stated that RUSADA’s doping control inspectors collected a total of 14,693 doping samples over the previous two years (6,196 in 2017 and 8,497 in 2018).