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Putin says judo helps him to 'get real'

Putin trained with several Olympic champions in Sochi

SOCHI, February 14. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who attended a judo training in the ‘Yug Sport’ center in Russia’s Black Sea resort city of Sochi late on Thursday, told reporters that wrestling helps him to maintain a positive, but realistic vision on the world around him.

"It’s a well known medical fact: the level of adrenaline increases in a person who practices physical exercises, so your mood improves, and you take a different look on the world around you. I can probably say that it helps you to get real," the Russian leader told reporters.

During the training, Putin sparred with several Olympic champions. A finger on his right hand was slightly injured in the process, but the problem was solved with a piece of adhesive bandage, and the training continued.

Later in the day, Putin visited the multifunctional "Ice Cube" arena in the Sochi Olympic park, which currently serves as the main training facility for Russia’s national men and women curling teams.

During the visit, Putin met with Russian Curling Federation head Dmitry Svishchev, who asked him to build similar training facilities in Moscow and Vladivostok.