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Russian national football team two places down in FIFA World Ranking

The national team did not have international fixtures in December, January, and last time played in November

MOSCOW, February 7. /TASS/. Russia’s national football team dropped to 50th place on the list of global football squads, according to this year’s first FIFA World Ranking.

Russia dropped two places comparing with the previous FIFA ranking in December and currently packs 1424 points.

The national team of Russia did not have international fixtures in December and January, and last time played in November. The team played a friendly with Germany, losing 0-3, and a match of the UEFA Nations League against Sweden (0-2).

The top 10 remained unchanged against the previous FIFA rankings edition with Belgium in the top with 1727 points, followed by France (1726), Brazil (1676 points), Croatia (1634 points), England (1631 points), Portugal (6th, 1614), Uruguay (7th, 1609), Switzerland (8th, 1599), Spain (9th, 1591) and Denmark (10th, 1589).

The national team of Qatar, which won the AFC Asian Cup, made an impressive leap of 38 places up in the new FIFA rankings edition.

"Newly crowned Asian champions Qatar have climbed to 55th in the latest FIFA World Ranking, gaining 38 places - and reaching their best position since 1993 - on the back of their stunning success in the UAE," FIFA said in a statement on Thursday.

The next edition of FIFA’s ranking list is due to be published on April 4, 2019.