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WADA auditors embark on scheduled check of Russian Anti-Doping Agency’s activity

The audit will be held in two days

MOSCOW, December 11. /TASS/. Auditors of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have started a scheduled examination of the activity of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), RUSADA Deputy Director General Margarita Pakhnotskaya told TASS.

On September 20, the WADA Executive Committee reinstated RUSADA under the condition that WADA’s experts will get access to the data of the examination of doping tests from the Moscow laboratory that was closed down due to the federal investigation. The Russian side will also have to transfer all suspicious doping tests from the laboratory for reverification before June 30, 2019. It was later declared that WADA will carry out RUSADA’s audit on December 11 and 12.

"The WADA auditors’ visit is being carried out in full conformity with RUSADA’s roadmap; they already started working," Pakhnotskaya said. "In four months following the reinstatement WADA should carry out a full examination of the activity of all our divisions. There will be no evaluations immediately after its end; the auditors will make a report based on what they saw."

"The audit will be held in two days, as was planned before; and the auditors can point to drawbacks in our work, if there are any. We will take all observations into consideration immediately," RUSADA’s deputy director general added.