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Russian duo dominates stage category at World Tango Championship in Argentina

Another Russian couple participating in the championship placed fifth

BUENOS AIRES, August 23. /TASS/. Russians Dmitry Vasin and Sagdiana Khamzina have taken home first prize in the stage category at the World Tango Tournament in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The dancers also received the Audience Choice Award following an online vote. "A third of all voters have chosen them. So you can say that this is a definitive victory," the presenter said.

Another Russian couple participating in the championship - Dmitry Kuznetsov and Olga Nikolaeva - placed fifth.

Khamzina told a TASS correspondent that the victory came as a surprise to her. "It feels like we are dreaming right now. Perhaps we’ll realize it tomorrow," the dancer said.

"We wanted this every year, but, honestly, today I did not expect that we would take first prize," Khamzina added. This is the third World Tango Championship for her. Last year, the duo placed fourth in the stage category.

"Next year, we will take our students. We’ll come as well, but we will not compete," said Vasin, who has taken part in seven tournaments.

Dmitry Kuznetsov, the dancer who placed fifth in the tournament, congratulated his colleagues on the win. "We are very happy for Russia, for Dima [Dmitry] Vasin and Sagdiana. It is well-deserved, because Russia is on a very high level right now in Argentine tango, and Dima really deserves to be the one to write a new page in history."

Nearly 600 dancers from all over the world have participated in the 2018 World Tango Championship. The annual tournament displays various styles of tango in different categories. On Tuesday, the finale in the salon category took place, where Argentine couple Carla Rossi and Jose Luis Salvo secured a victory. Salon tango is a classic version of the dance, while the stage category is known for more flair and extravagance.