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Robot oracle Baxter predicts victory of Russia team in FIFA World Cup opening match

Baxter will predict the outcomes of all the 2018 World Cup matches

MOSCOW, June 14. /TASS/. Baxter the robot, who guessed the outcome of several Confederations Cup matches, has predicted the victory of the Russian team in the FIFA World Cup opening match against the Saudi Arabia team. The Robostation broadcasted and published it on Facebook. 

Three empty cubes containing pieces of paper were placed in front of the robot. Two pieces contained the names of the match teams, and the third spelled "draw." The robot analyzed the space with the use of three built-in cameras capable of identifying objects, chose the Russia team’s cube and gave it to a Robostation employee with its manipulator arms. The Robostation worker announced the outcome.

The press service earlier said that Baxter underwent special training ahead of the championship, during which it watched records of football matches, listened to interviews with players and learnt analysts’ forecasts. Baxter will predict the outcomes of all the 2018 World Cup matches.

The FIFA World Cup will be launched on Thursday: the Russia team will play with the Saudi Arabia team at the opening match at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow (the game starts at 18:00 Moscow time).