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Putin tells participants in all-Russia media forum about some private aspects

He answered questions from members of the public, he revealed some aspects of his private life

KALININGRAD, March 3. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin told participants in the ‘Truth and Justice’ media forum on Friday he would have engaged in creative activities if he had not become the head of state.

He also said he was skilled in making salad.

As he answered questions from members of the public, he revealed some aspects of his private life. He said for instance he was exercising every morning, "including today".

Putin also gave a positive answer when a participant asked if he cooked food himself. "I do it all the time," he said. "I make salad, and a very delicious one. I’ll treat you to it later."

The audience reacted with laughter and applause to his answer.

Putin said work was the best remedy against laziness. "Work," he said, adding he found it the best instrument for cheering up. As for creative activities, they would br an alternative to his current occupation of the head of state.

One of the questions addressed to him was why he was wearing the watch on the right wrist. Putin recalled he had answered a question of this kind many years ago. He said the problem was with the winding stem that would hinder him. "It hurts and it’s uncomfortable," he indicated.

A participant asked Putin how he managed to learn huge amounts of information by heart. "If you have to do it every day, then it’s no problem for you," he answered.

One thing he revealed was his belief in omens and his conviction that a change of activity was best form of recreation.

The audience laughed once again when Putin said he enjoyed watching his own welcoming addresses to the nation every New Year night. "I also look forward to the President’s address every time, I am not joking," he said.

Putin said he did not have the dreams that had not materialized. "As we’re living, we’re working and setting some or other goals for ourselves."

"The kind of job I am doing is well-known and its objective is clear because I want to make our country successful, powerful, stable, balanced, and looking into the future," he said.

Putin confessed his indifference to what the future had in store for him in five or ten years’ time but he had a dream to be able to walk in the streets unrecognized by other people.

"I don’t think the chances for it are big but still," he said.

Putin gave a very unambiguous answer to a question on what he thought Russia’s main strength was. "It’s our people," he said.