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Court arrests former CEO of Moscow confectionery factory for 2 months on charges of murder

Earlier on Thursday, investigators issued charges of murder to Ilya Averyanov, a source well familiar with the case said

MOSCOW, December 29. /TASS/. Moscow City’s Presnya district court on Thursday arrested until February 27 the former CEO of Menshevik confectionery factory, Ilya Averyanov, who opened gunfire on the compound of the factory on Wednesday, killing one person.

"The court answers a petition from investigators and appoints arrest until February 27 as a pretrial measure for Averyanov," Justice Yelena Abramova said.

Earlier on Thursday, investigators issued charges of murder to Averyanov, a source well familiar with the case said.

"Charges of murder under Article 105 of the Russian Criminal Code have been issued to Averyanov," he said.

The conflict at the factory located in southeast Moscow broke out at around 09:00 hours on Wednesday, December 27. Investigators say Averyanov, ex-owner of the factory, entered a verbal squabble with its incumbent management. After it, he took out a handgun and shot a guard, who died of the wound.

The suspect made a getaway right after the shooting. The operatives then found and confiscated the Saiga carbine.

Following a reinforced search operation, the police tracked Averyanov down in the early hours of Thursday on the premises of a company on downtown Pravda Street and arrested him.

The investigator asked the court to arrest the suspect through to the end of winter.

"The suspect committed a murder, escaped from the law enforcers and was detained by the police and unless a pretrial measure other than arrest is chosen for him, he may get away once again or influence the eyewitnesses in one way or another," the investigator said. "That is why I am asking to arrest him until February 27, 2018."

Averyanov himself does not recognize any guilt on his part, saying he had to use the handgun as an act of self-defense.

His lawyer asked the court to place him under house arrest. While in the courtroom, he explained for the defendant’s getaway from the site of shooting, saying Averyanov had been frightened because he was a victim.

"I didn’t have any intention to kill anyone, it just so happened," Averyanov said. "I really didn’t want it. I hope for house arrest and I hope for justice. I met with lawyers before detention and had consultations with them.".