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Russians believe UK better off with Brexit — Poll

Still 16% of those surveyed said the UK might lose from its move

MOSCOW, July 15. /TASS/. Most Russian nationals polled believe the UK would benefit from Brexit, while the European Union would face negative side effects, suggests a nationwide poll by the Russian public opinion research center, VTsIOM.

Great Britain will benefit from Brexit,” said 42% of the polled Russians, while 16% of those surveyed said the UK might lose from its move, said VTsIOM, announcing the poll’s results on Friday.

Another 47% said the EU would be somewhat adversely affected by Britain’s decision to quit the EU.

About 40% said Brexit would trigger the EU’s disintegration. In addition, almost every fourth person, or 27% said other countries would follow suit, quitting the European Union, but overall it would remain united and influential. According to 14% of those surveyed, Brexit was an isolated case.

More than half, or 55% of Russians said Brexit would have no impact on Russia, while another 22% said that an impact, if any would be insignificant. Only 7% were confident that Brexit would change relations between our countries.

Fifteen percent said that Brexit offers more pluses than minuses, and believe it would be easier for Moscow to build relations with London as the UK would be independent to take a stance on Russia. Another 10% expected Russia to become stronger and saw sanctions being loosened, while 10% said the EU was an unfavorable partner for Russia.

The Leave campaign won the June 23 referendum to terminate membership in the EU with a vote count 51.9% in favor of Brexit.

The poll was conducted among 1,600 people on July 2-3. Statistical margin of error does not exceed 2.5%