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‘Simply dangerous’: Medvedev takes aim at unfettered access to firearms in Russia

In the US, the number of crimes involving firearms is much higher than in Russia because everyone has a right to bear arms

GORKI, January 28. /TASS/. The traditions of freely bearing firearms are unacceptable in Russia, according to Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.

"Americans are proud of their right to bear arms. It’s historically in their blood. Here such traditions are inadmissible and, in my opinion, unimpeded circulation of such weapons in our country cannot be allowed at all. It is simply dangerous," he said in an interview with Russian media, including TASS.

Medvedev noted that in the US, the number of crimes involving firearms "is much higher than in our country and in many others." "Simply because if everyone has a gun, he has an opportunity to use it one way or another," he noted.

The politician reiterated that Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier said that over one hundred potential terror attacks with the use of weapons at schools had been prevented recently. "That’s a really scary figure and a seriously big problem," he stated.

In this respect, the deputy chairman of the Security Council thanked law enforcement, namely, the Interior Ministry and the FSB for fighting such crimes. "Yet, at the same time, of course, the civilian circulation of weapons should be under state control in our situation," he concluded.