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Russian citizen Grichishkin sentenced to 60 months in US for cybercrimes

Alexander Grichishkin was accused of organizing a hacker group

NEW YORK, December 1. /TASS/. Russian citizen Alexander Grichishkin who admitted being guilty of cybercrimes, was sentenced to 60 months in US prison, representative of the Eastern Michigan District Court told TASS.

"He was sentenced to 60 months of imprisonment," the representative said, adding that Grichishkin will be under government supervision after release.

Grichishkin was arrested in February 2020. US authorities accuse him of organizing a hacker group. The case also involved Russian citizen Andery Skvortsov, Lithuanian-born Alexander Skorodumov and Estonian citizen Pavel Stassi.

According to the investigation, between 2008 and 2015, they provided hosting service to perpetrators, which allowed sending malware to attack networks of financial organizations and US citizens without being blocked. On Marrch 4 this year, Grichishkin made a deal with the investigation.