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June’s COVID-associated death toll in Moscow down by 53% on May

However, fccording to the Moscow city health department, the overall number of deaths in June 2020 was by 3,680 more than in in June 2019

MOSCOW, July 13. /TASS/. Coronavirus-associated mortality in Moscow was down by 35% in June 2020 on the previous month, the city’s health department said on Monday.

"Coronavirus-associated death toll in Moscow was down by 35% in June as compared to May," it said, adding however that the overall number of deaths in June 2020 was by 3,680 more than in in June 2019. "COVID-19 was the key or an associated cause of death in 3,408 cases (92%)," it said.

According to the Moscow city health department, as many as 13,128 deaths were registered in the capital city in June 2020, or by 3,860 more than in June 2019 (9,268).

"COVID-19 was the key cause of death in 1,605 cases in June (there were nearly twice as many such cases in May - 2,757). This figure included 276 cases when patients had negative coronavirus tests (both when patients were alive and postmortem) but the autopsy revealed clinical signs that the death was most likely caused by the coronavirus," it said, adding that the coronavirus statistics thus included all, even questionable cases.

As many as 1,803 coronavirus-positive patients died in June from other diseases. Coronavirus was the cause of serious complications of other diseases in 784 cases.

"Thus, the coronavirus mortality rate in Moscow over the entire epidemic period is 2.3% in cases when it was the key cause of death, and 4.6% in all cases when COVID was either key or a concurrent disease. Notably, the number of coronavirus-related deaths in the first 12 days of July was by two times less than in the same period last month. These data confirm the sustainable downwards tendency in terms of coronavirus mortality in Moscow, which makes it possible to predict that mortality in July will be halved on June," the department said.

To date, 733,699 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Russia, with 504,021 patients having recovered from the disease. Russia’s latest data indicates 11,439 fatalities nationwide. Earlier, the Russian government set up an Internet hotline to keep the public updated on the coronavirus situation.