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Donetsk lifts restrictions on travel of its citizens to Russia

There are no special conditions for traveling to Russia

DONETSK, July 1. /TASS/. Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin has lifted restrictions on travel of the republic’s citizens to Russia that was imposed under the high-alert regime due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus, the Donetsk News Agency reported. The decree to that effect was published on the site of the head of state and entered into force on Tuesday.

The decree introduces new amendments to decree No. 57 dated March 14 "On introduction of high alert regime."

According to the amendments, under conditions of high alert, departure from the DPR to the Russian Federation and the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) is allowed for people with permanent or temporary registration on the territory of the LPR can travel to the LPR; people who have serious reasons for leaving (business trip, need for emergency treatment, serious illness or death of a close relative); drivers engaged in freight transportation, and persons accompanying goods by truck. In other cases, departure from the DPR to the LPR is possible by decision of the Interagency Operational Headquarters to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

There are no special conditions for traveling to Russia.

On June 30, the DPR authorities suspended the passage of citizens through the only checkpoint of Yelenovka operating on the contact line with Ukraine due to a sharp aggravation of the situation with the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine.