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Coronavirus pandemic receding in Russia, says Putin

Consequently, the number of tasks for the volunteers is going down, according to the Russian president

NOVO-OGARYOVO, June 26. /TASS/. The COVID-19 pandemic is receding in Russia, so the number of tasks for the volunteers, who have been doing a good job during the outbreak, is declining, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday during a video call with participants of the Russian nationwide campaign ‘We are together.’

"Thank God, the epidemic is receding now. Therefore, the number of tasks for the volunteers gradually goes down. You did a good job," the president said addressing the members of the campaign.

Putin pointed out that this fact was only positive and thanked the volunteers. "It is summer outdoors and, as we can see, we can take a rest with a feeling of fulfilled duty but, as far as I know, the headquarters of the ‘We are together’ campaign are not being dismissed. I understand you very well, since when you have a close-knit team of like-minded people and the experience of working in difficult conditions, you want to take on new tasks and to again and again experience true joy of helping others," Putin said.

The president suggested discussing the campaign participants’ ideas and projects. "I would be delighted to hear today what you are planning to do. If you need more support, please, put into words what you need and we will be happy to support you," he concluded.