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Germany’s coronavirus recoveries exceed case tally for the first time

Some 57,606 people are undergoing treatment for coronavirus, with 60,200 recoveries

BERLIN, April 12. /TASS/. The number of recoveries from coronavirus in Germany has surpassed the number of those infected for the first time since the outbreak, the Berlin-based Robert Koch Institute responsible for disease control and prevention (subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Health) reported.

According to the research institute, some 120,479 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Germany, with 60,200 recoveries. The death toll from the coronavirus has hit 2,673. Some 57,606 people are undergoing treatment for coronavirus.

The epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Germany is Bavaria, where 32,282 people have contracted the disease and 786 have died. North Rhine-Westphalia comes in second with 24,267 cases and 495 fatalities, and is followed by Baden-Wurttemberg with 24,078 cases and 649 deaths.