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Hainan sets up special committee to boost healthcare system

The committee will be led by Deputy Governor Wang Lu

HAIKOU, March 25. /TASS/. Hainan created a special commission that will deal with the issues of improving the efficiency of the local healthcare system amid thenovel coronavirus pandemic in the world, according to the provincial administration. 

According to the decision, the commission to assist the 'Healthy Hainan' movement will consist of representatives of senior management of a number of departments and carry out activities in all cities and counties of the province. The committee will be led by Deputy Governor Wang Lu. "The new body will work on drafting key recommendations regarding the prevention and treatment of serious mass diseases, will pay attention to education in the health sector, ensuring its development," the document reads. 

According to the statement, the commission should adjust the goals and measures taken to increase the level of protection of the population in response to the risks of the spread of dangerous diseases. The office of the new organization will be part of the island's hygiene and health committee.

Hainan amid novel coronavirus pandemic 

The novel coronavirus outbreak on Hainan is practically over: there have been no new cases in the counties and cities of the province for a month. There is only one infected person in the region who is undergoing preventive treatment. The province has already restored regular traffic, the work of many companies and tourist attractions. Despite the stable epidemiological situation, the authorities maintain tough sanitary control measures: across China, the number of infected people arriving from abroad is increasing every day.

The outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus was first registered at the end of 2019 in Central China and has already spread to more than 140 countries. The World Health Organization has recognized it as a pandemic.