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Hainan authorities praise Russian Culture Week underway on the island

A Chinese official noted that the events help boosting cooperation between the two states

HAIKOU, December 13. /TASS/. The Russian Culture Week running in China's Haikou and Sanya on December 9-16 is not only popular among the locals, but also ensures trust, cooperation and understanding between the two countries, believes head of the propaganda department of the Communist Party Committee of the Hainan Province Xiao Yingzi. 

"The Russian Culture Week on Hainan is quite efficient. It enhances our cooperation, trust, understanding", said the official. 

"We praise the Russian culture here in China, it is very popular among our people. I think it benefits Russian-Chinese friendship", pointed out Xiao Yingzi. 

A number of events is underway on the island as part of the Culture Week. For example, seventy photos by the best photographers of Russia and China's leading news agencies show various stages of relations between the two countries. The images, some of which have not yet been published, show Soviet specialists, Chinese workers and farmers from the late 40s-50s, the restoration of friendly contacts between the two countries and peoples in the 80s and 90s of the last century, important milestones of bilateral cooperation over the past two decades, when bilateral relations have turned into a comprehensive strategic partnership. 

A number of photos is devoted to cooperation between TASS and Xinhua journalists. Thus, in one of the images there are leaders of the two countries among the participants of the press tour of Russian and Chinese journalists in the Russian Far East — an event that has already become historic. Their trip demonstrated the possibilities of close cooperation between the Russian and the Chinese media communities.