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Sanctions hinder cooperation on tackling climate change, says Russian president’s envoy

Russia shares the aims and responsibility for the climate with the global community, the envoy stressed

MADRID, December 10. /TASS/. Unilateral sanctions are among the barriers to full-fledged partnership in fight against climate change, Russian president’s special envoy on climate issues, Ruslan Edelgeriyev told the UN Climate Change Conference COP 25 in Madrid on Tuesday.

Russia shares the aims and responsibility for the climate with the global community, the envoy stressed. Russia is confident that the Paris Agreement can and must become the main instrument for pulling global efforts to combat the causes of climate change and stop greenhouse gas emissions, as well as consolidate countries’ efforts towards adaptation to climate change, Edelgeriyev said.

"We also see the removal of numerus barriers, including unilateral sanctions, among the priorities," he stressed. "These barriers, preventing full-value investment, technological and information cooperation of the countries to tackle climate change, have been growing over the recent years," the envoy stressed.

Russia expresses major concern over the growth of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the globe. "We believe that firstly immediate, and secondly — more efficient joint coordinated action of the global community is absolutely necessary to deal with the climate problem," the Russian representative said.

"We believe that one of the key issues is to shape the rules for such joint activity by the countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to implement joint business projects, initiatives within the framework of sustainable development mechanisms, and we expect that all necessary decisions will be passed here, in Madrid," Edelgeriyev said.

"Given the necessity to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement to stabilize the climate system, Russia sees the issues of deepening cooperation of the countries along this trajectory as a priority," he went on to say.

"Russia sees eye-to-eye with most countries, international organizations as to a need to maximally take into account scientific assessment in working out and passing political decisions on climate protection," he added. "In order to reduce a negative effect on the climate system, Russia has taken certain targeted measures over the recent years, passed legislative and regulatory acts encouraging investment in the development of renewable energy sources, higher energy efficiency," the special envoy reiterated.

The UN Climate Change Conference takes place in Madrid from December 2 to December 13.