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Taimyr Nature Reserves to receive year-round module houses for researchers

The four compact houses will provide researchers' comfortable stay in the severe climate conditions, according to the company's website

August 23, /TASS/. Four "mountain modules," compact module houses, which can provide researchers' comfortable stay in the severe climate conditions, will be supplied to Taimyr. The houses will serve as bases for Arctic studies, the Taimyr Nature Reserves state-run company said on its website.

"Taimyr Nature Reserves has received the so-called 'mountain modules,' which will be installed at most hard-to-reach places. <…> Those stations will be convenient for Arctic exploration: directorate staff and invited experts may expand not only the area of studies but the time they spend on Taimyr as well," the company said.

The module houses are designed to offer comfortable stay even when air temperatures drop to minus 45 degrees and when gusts reach 35 meters per second. Every house may accommodate eight people.

"The equipment includes ovens, lamps, projectors, accumulators, solar batteries and toilets — separate buildings in the form of a chum [a traditional tent of conical shape]," the company said, adding that the houses would be delivered to nature reserves by small planes by the end of September.

The first of the four modules will be put up in the Ary-Mas forest in the Taimyr Nature Reserve. It is the world’s northernmost forest (it lies to the north of the 72nd degree of the northern latitude. Nowhere else in the world forests grow beyond the 68th parallel). The forest, whose area measures only 156 square kilometers (about 20km long and 4 km wide), is home to about 90 bird species.

"Another module will be a border station in the Meduza Bay in the Big Arctic Nature Reserve, where state inspectors will work year-round," the company continued. "We shall use this module, located in the most severe climate, as an indicator — we shall test it over the winter and will give our recommendations for similar models."

"This is necessary for expanding our presence in the Arctic," the company added.

The third module will be placed by the Kureika River. It will be used by state inspectors. And the fourth will be located in the Purinsky Reserve, where both inspectors and scientists will work.

Taimyr Nature Reserves’ current territory is about 11.9 million hectares. It includes the Putorana Plateau, Central Taimyr, the Arctic coastline and islands as well as the Severozemelsky and Purinsky nature reserves.