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Professional skills contest kicks off on Hainan

The name of the winner will be announced in mid-August

HAIKOU, July 28./TASS/. The opening ceremony of the Skills Competition was held in the city of Danzhou in the northwestern part of China's Hainan. According to, the competitions are held under the motto "New Era, New Skills, New Dreams".

"Our society is constantly evolving and progressing, competition is growing. Employees with strong, outstanding professional skills are becoming more and more in demand," said Chen Jieqi, head of the employment management department of Danzhou. He also noted that "competitions that test professional skills and abilities, in turn, are an effective way to discover talents," which is "especially important in terms of building and promoting a pilot free trade zone and a free port with Chinese features on Hainan."

Citizens aged 16 to 60 years, "who are especially dedicated to work, have love and respect for the profession, the desire to improve skills and knowledge, enjoy working hard, have creative abilities and courage to put forward new ideas" can take part in the competition. Basically, the competition is designed for representatives of socially significant professions - specialists involved in the services sector, social workers engaged child care and elderly citizens, specialists in cosmetology, medicine, education etc. Additional requirements for participants include employment on the territory of Danzhou and suburban areas, as well as experience in the position held for at least one year.

Within three weeks, the contestants will undergo various tests. The tasks will be primarily focused on the practice and demonstration of real work skills, and not on identifying the theoretical knowledge of the participants.

The name of the winner in the competition will be known in mid-August. He expects a cash reward of 5,000 yuan (about $ 726.8).