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Polish police recover body of five-year-old Russian boy

The boy went missing on July 10 after his father had taken the boy away in his car earlier in the evening

WARSAW, July 20. /TASS/. A Russian five-year-old boy called David, who had gone missing after his father’s death, was found dead, Poland’s police said on Saturday.

"We can state with certainty that we have found the body of five-year-old David," Warsaw police spokesman Mariusz Mrozek said adding the clothes he was last seen wearing could prove his identity.

The boy went missing on July 10. His father had taken the boy away in his car earlier in the evening. When they did not turn up late at night, the mother called the police. The father’s body was found on rail tracks. He was run over by a train.

Investigators assumed that the man committed suicide. His car was spotted at a car park, three kilometers from the scene. The boy was not seen nearby.

A police search operation involved sniffer dogs, a helicopter and drones. Troops, firefighters and volunteers joined the search as well. Local media broadcast the boy’s photo asking for any information, which might help in the search, to be reported to police.

It was said that the family relations were strained recently and the parents lived separately. The boy’s mother was said to have reported domestic violence to the police. Media leaked a message sent by the husband to his estranged wife shortly before his death. It was a threat that she would never see her son again.