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The secret to longevity — a life sentence? Lifers seem to outlive all other inmates

These convicts get top-notch medical care, official points out

AKSAKOVO /Moscow Region/, April 12. /TASS/ According to the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service's (FSIN) data, criminals serving life sentences live the longest out of all convicts, Service Deputy Director Valery Maksimenko told reporters after a meeting of the heads of FSIN medical facilities marking 190th anniversary of the introduction of prison healthcare.

"The longest lifespan...are of those who have been sentenced to life terms," Maksimenko pointed out.

"In fact, these convicts get top-notch medical care. They are placed under special supervision in comparison to those serving other sentences, should anything happen they are helped by civilian [healthcare] specialists as well. They follow strict daily routines. They are also free from any outside information and experience no stress whatsoever," he commented on the imprisonment conditions for more than 2,000 lifers in Russia.

"It turns out that this is a guarantee, and maybe the main condition for a longer lifespan. This category [of convicts] lives the longest lives," he pointed out.