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Social networks help bring light to important issues in Russia, says PM

The government head particularly mentioned the Baikal issue

MOSCOW, March 29. /TASS/. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has highlighted the role of social networks in bringing light to important issues in the country during his online talk with the users of the VK social network. He used the construction of a water bottling plant on Lake Baikal as an example.

"The Baikal issue, for example. When I first saw it, I thought - well, the situation is not that clear yet. And then I see that people keep texting and texting me. And they text me from different places, so then I had to get involved, because I understood that this issue bothers a lot of people, and if it’s true, we need to figure out what’s going on there," Medvedev said. He stressed that the officials had to suspend construction in order to check all permits and documents related to this project.

"If I hadn’t had social networks, of course I still would have found out about this. But I would have found out about this much later, and I wouldn’t have had the full picture of how much this issue bothers people," the PM concluded. "And now I see that people keep mentioning it everywhere: please, pay attention to Baikal."

Speaking about personal experience, Medvedev stated that he takes all his pictures for social networks himself and does not ask the aides to do it.

"I would like to honestly say that I post my Instagram pictures myself," the PM stressed. According to Medvedev, some users claim that the prime minister’s aides or his press service take all his pictures for social media.

The Russian PM added that it takes him some time to edit and publish a picture. He reminded that photography had been his hobby for a while. Currently, he uses this hobby as an opportunity to show the Russian public the views from various parts of the country that he visits during his trips.

However, he admitted that he has not had a lot of time to publish many pictures lately, as he is busy with work.