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Steven Seagal says would like to have office at Russian Foreign Ministry

Seagal told reporters he hopes for better relations between Moscow and Washington

MOSCOW, October 13. /TASS/. Actor Steven Seagal, who was earlier appointed as Russian Foreign Ministry’s special envoy for Russian-US humanitarian ties, has no office at the Russian Foreign Ministry but would not be against having one.

Asked by TASS on the sidelines of the International Budo Festival in Moscow, Seagal said: "No, I don’t have my own," and added "Of course, yeah" with a smile when asked if he would like to have one.

Speaking about his new mission, Seagal mentioned as a key issue the visits to former Russian forts in Hawaii and Alaska by Russian and American diplomats.

"I used to try to use that as the platform to help begin a friendly dialogue," he said.

"I think it’s what I have been doing all along just try in any situation I can to make relations between America and Russia better," the actor stressed.

Seagal told reporters he hopes for better relations between Moscow and Washington, although made it plain he sees no improvements.

"I think they will get better. I am going to be an optimist," he noted.

Seagal was reported to become a special envoy for humanitarian ties with the United States in early August. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said at the time that the position was public and was not meant to be paid.

Born in the United States, actor Steven Seagal was granted Russian citizenship in November 2016. He often comes to Russia, repeatedly expressing his affection for the country.