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Moscow International Film Festival mulled giving Harvey Weinstein award

MOSCOW, April 19. /TASS/. Several months ago, the Moscow International Film Festival’s team wanted to present a special award to US film producer Harvey Weinstein, who had been accused of sexual harassment by several actresses. However, they had to abandon the idea, the festival’s president Nikita Mikhalkov stated during Thursday’s press briefing timed for the opening of the 40th Moscow International Film Festival.

"About three months ago, we wanted to present a special award "For contribution to global cinema" to Harvey Weinstein," the director said. "But we got scared. Even though it makes sense - he has 100 Academy Award nominations. <…> But we decided not to do it."

Mikhalkov was asked to comment upon the Weinstein situation. "I can only envy the guy. He doesn’t have the looks of Alain Delon but he is loved by many beautiful women. I’m not going to say what he is loved for," the director said.

"But all this looks like utter pornography," Mikhalkov continued. "If a woman agreed to do it while she was in a ‘marketable condition’, but then on losing her looks started talking to the press about it to become relevant again, then that is wrong."

The director added that he agrees with French actress Catherine Deneuve, who said: "What are you doing? Men are afraid to approach women now." Mikhalkov added that this trend is "unacceptable" to him.

"I think that a man has to be a man, and a woman has to be a woman. If a woman fails to do so, then a woman turns into a bad man," Mikhalkov said.