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Italy’s secret services involved in US and UK spying over Italian citizens

The publication quotes journalist Glenn Greenwald that obtained the relevant data from Edward Snowden

ROME, October 24. (ITAR-TASS). — Italian secret services were involved in the surveillance conducted by the U.S. and the UK over the country’s residents. As reported on Thursday by Italy’s Espresso magazine, secret agencies of those countries are bound by a kind of ‘third-level agreement’, the content of which was not disclosed.

According to the publication, which refers to information obtained from British journalist Glenn Greenwald, who, in his turn, received it from ex-CIA employee Edward Snowden, the UK and the U.S. intelligence services tapped phone conversations of Italian citizens, including members of the government.

However, no concrete evidence of such actions is available so far. On Wednesday, during the meeting of Italy’s Prime Minister Enrico Letta and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Rome the issue of surveillance of communications was raised. Letta turned to Kerry asking to confirm or dismiss information about possible violation of privacy in connection with the activities of U.S. intelligence. The sides expressed their willingness to cooperate. Kerry has assured the Italian side that “the issue is under control”.

On Wednesday, October 23, Italian Agency for guarantees of confidentiality required the check for possible violations by U.S. intelligence against Italian citizens after it was reported about U.S. spying over French citizens.