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Progress MS-08 launch rescheduled for February 13

The ship was to carry 2 tonnes of cargo

KOROLEV /near Moscow/, February 11. /TASS/. Launch of Soyuz-2.1a carrier with Progress MS-08 cargo ship was rescheduled for a reserve date of February 13, press service of the space authority, Roskosmos said on Sunday.

"During the start, came an order for automatic tuning off the engines, the reasons are to be advised," the authority said. "The launch is rescheduled for a reserve date - February 13".

Later a source at the space sector told TASS that a glitch of onboard and ground parts of the computer system of the ship was to blame for the reschedule. "A glitch of onboard and ground parts of the central system is similar to the problem during October launch of Progress MS-07," the source said. 

The ship was to deliver to the station about 2 tonnes of cargo.

Earlier, a source told TASS the flight would be organized on a two-rotation scheme (two rotations around the Earth), though the final decision is due after the first rotation - in an hour and a half from the blastoff.