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Samara University begins a training for future startup graduates

The training will take place on the basis of the university startup center

November 19. /TASS/. Samara University has begun recruiting students for the additional education program "Technological Entrepreneurship". Graduates will have to submit a startup with a project ready for presentation at the national competition in the field of promoting innovation, the press service of the university said on Thursday.

"Samara University has begun recruiting students for the program of additional education" Technological Entrepreneurship". The graduates will have to submit as a qualifying work their own startup with a project ready for presentation at one of the national grant competitions in the field of promoting innovation. The students who have successfully mastered the educational program will gain practical experience in forming and organizing the activities of project teams, as well as a diploma allowing to conduct activities in the field of high-tech business management," the message stated. 

It is noted that the training will take place on the basis of the university startup center. The program is aimed at second to fourth year students from any field — engineering, social, humanitarian and economic specialties. According to the head of the educational program and director of the Institute of Economics and Management of Samara University Lyubov Vybornova, students of any Russian university will be able to attend.

"The program is structured in the format of project activities, taking into account the practice of Russia's leading business schools. Training will be more focused on practical activities: lectures will take about 30% of the course, the remaining 70% will be practical classes and independent work in groups with a moderator. Listeners, united in project teams, will develop their projects, and based on the results of the training, they will have to persent the final qualifying work in the form of a startup," the press service quoted Vybornova as saying.

The program is being implemented by Samara University Boiling Point project team, as well as by two university institutes - economics and management and motors and power plants. The training includes visits to technoparks, technology companies in the Samara Region, research laboratories of Samara University, work with experts and investors.

"Our task is not only to transfer knowledge and skills of business activity, modern technologies of project activities, but also to help the students of the program generate an idea and finilize it to a viable prototype using the innovative infrastructure of the university. All graduates will compete for the victory in the competition which provides first grant investments. It can be a competition "Smart" of the Fund for the Promotion of Innovations or an equivalent ", said Vybornova.

About the program and the university

Samara University's additional education program "Technological Entrepreneurship" is divided into a number of modules. It is designed for six months of training, the volume of the training course is more than 500 hours. Each module of the program ends with a project session and involves a presentation of a part of the completed project on the following topics: "Fundamentals of Technological Entrepreneurship", "Effective Communications", "Global High Technology Markets", "Technological Business Management", "Promotion of a Technology Project" and "Product Development".

Samara National Research University is one of the leading Russian universities, a leading scientific and educational center in the field of aerospace research and technology. The university also implements educational and research programs in various fields of natural and social sciences and humanities, economics and jurisprudence. In 2020, Samara University ranked 17th in the rating of the leading entrepreneurial universities and business schools of the country prepared by the Expert analytical center. A total of 46 Russian universities were included in the final ranking.