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Almost 100 refugees arrive in Urals from war-torn southeast Ukraine

PERM, June 29 /ITAR-TASS/. A group of 97 refugees has arrived in the Perm Territory in the Urals from Ukraine’s war-torn southeast, the local administration said on Sunday.

The group includes 62 children and 35 adults, mostly women. They have been accommodated at the local cadet school, spokeswoman for the regional administration Irina Kuimova said.

“The refugees have been immediately provided with hot meals while some refugees have received psychologists’ help they need. Families have been accommodated in rooms for 2-5 people,” Kuimova said.

“Now people need to sleep well, after which we’ll start working with them individually. If they have the desire to stay in the Perm Territory, municipalities will be ready to give them jobs and housing,” head of regional governor’s administration Alexei Frolov said.

Several Perm enterprises have already informed the regional migration service that they are ready to provide jobs to the Ukrainian refugees.

It is not ruled out that a new group of refugees may come to the Perm Territory from southeast Ukraine, Kuimova said.

Several trucks loaded with clothes, first necessity items and baby toys have been brought to the cadet school ahead of the refugees’ arrival. The region is continuing collecting items for the refugees, including warm clothes, personal hygienic items and bed linen.

Also, a round-the-clock telephone hotline is operational in the region for refugees fleeing the war-torn Donetsk and Lugansk regions in eastern Ukraine where the Ukrainian military, units of the ‘national guard’ and squads of the Right Sector ultra-rightwing nationalists are conducting a dragged-out punitive operation against the people demanding federalization of the country and greater rights for the native speakers of the Russian language.