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EU Council statements over Ukraine biased, unreal — Foreign Ministry

Russia's Foreign Ministry says the EU shoudl revise its approcahes in line with the real situation in Ukraine
Russian Foreign Ministry building © ITAR-TASS/Gennady Khamelyanin
Russian Foreign Ministry building
© © ITAR-TASS/Gennady Khamelyanin

MOSCOW, June 24. /ITAR-TASS/. European Union’s assessments of events in Ukraine are biased, politically charged and unreal, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday in comments on the European Council meeting results on June 23.

“We had to note once again that Brussels’ assessments of Ukrainian events, continued hushing up of facts ‘unacceptable’ for the European Union, groundless and obviously falsified accusations against Russia are biased, politically charged and unreal,” the Russian diplomatic agency said.

“Is it possible to explain in other way the lack of any mention about the death of tens of children, multi-thousand flows of refugees who keep coming to Russia from Ukraine, numerous transgressions of Russian state border by the Ukrainian military and an indignant attempt at storming the Russian Embassy in Kiev in European Council’s ‘conclusions’?” the Russian Foreign Ministry contemplated.

Instead of this, the European Union prefers to label people in south-east Ukraine as “pro-Russian separatists”, leave unattended all explanations which Russia had given many times over the goals of deployment and numerical strength of Russian Armed Forces near Russian-Ukrainian state border, the ministry noted.

“We find absolutely unacceptable the insistent attempts to punish collectively people in Crimea (the Russian republic) and the city of Sevastopol (the Russian federal city which is a long-standing home base for Russian Black Sea Fleet on the Crimean peninsula) for fair and unequivocal expression of will at a referendum on the fate of the peninsula,” the Russian diplomatic agency noted.

“If the European Union is really interested in playing a serious positive role in the Ukrainian crisis settlement, it is time to begin revision of its approaches in line with the real situation and without being afraid of overcoming an inertia inside the EU,” the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

Taking a decision on establishing an EU mission on assistance to Ukraine in reforming a civilian segment of security system, the European Union should realize its responsibility for security in that country, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“We hope that in any case Brussels will proceed from an idea that the law and order and lawfulness should be equally ensured for all Ukrainian people, without ethnic, religious, language and other differences and with due account of regional peculiarities,” the Russian diplomatic agency noted.

On June 23, the European Council has taken a political decision to set up an EU mission in Ukraine, the ministry recalled. According to preliminary plans, this mission with its mandate intended for two years should be launched before the end of August.